Nexba has released a convenience drinks range in bespoke 450ml PET bottles, designed for 7-Eleven, Coles Express and Caltex stores around the country.

The new range aims to meet demand for consumer convenience and easy accessibility to healthy beverage options as more Australians turn away from traditional sugar-laden soft drinks.

Nexba global CEo and co-founder Troy Douglas said he was thrilled to offer the convenience range to more Australians looking for healthy drink options in the lead up to summer.

“We would love every Aussie to be able to grab a refreshing drink from their corner store without worrying about causing their body harm,” said Douglas.

“The Nexba team has spent years innovating, to be able to create naturally sweet and full flavourdrinks, with no sugar, no artificials, and no compromise on the taste we all love.”

Nexba’s new convenience range includes Watermelon Cucumber & Mint Sparkling Water, Strawberry Raspberry Sparkling Water, Lychee Lemon Sparkling Water, Mixed Berry Kombucha, Pineapple Coconut Tepache, Rose Lemonade Kombucha, and Apple Pear and Ginger Kombucha.

It will be available in 7-Eleven, Coles Express and Caltex stores with an RRP of $4.50.

Packaging News

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