Homegrown natural and sugar-free drinks brand owner Nexba is building on the wellness trend with the launch of its better-for-you nootropic range. 

The launch comes after the company experienced more than three years of 100 per cent YOY growth, with Nexba becoming Australia’s number one sugar free brand. Nexba is also the United Kingdom’s number one kombucha brand and is expanding its footprint in South Korea, Malaysia and Singapore. 

The nootropic drink uses active superfood ingredients to support and improve cognitive function, awareness, memory and alertness, sticking true to the meaning of nootropics, “to bend or shape the mind”. 

Available in Lemon & Ginger, Passionfruit, Pink Grapefruit and Tropical flavours, each drink brings its own set of health benefits, according to Nexba. 

Building on immunity, the Lemon & Ginger flavour contains vitamin C from acerola, gingko biloba, echinacea and ginger, while the Passionfruit flavour contains green tea, L-Theanine, gingko biloba and green bean coffee to improve focus, Nexba says. It claims the Pink Grapefruit gives a glow to the skin with its marine collagen, vitamin C from acerola and gingko biloba ingredients, while the Tropical flavour benefits the gut with bacillus coagulans, 500 million probiotics and gingko biloba. 

The company said consumers would experience the health benefits with regular consumption of the drinks for six to eight weeks. 

Nexba Nootropics are available at Woolworths for RRP $9.50 per four pack.

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