JB Metropolitan Distributors' jerky brand Local Legends has secured a place in Woolworths with a new variety of the dried, cured meat biltong, which originates in South Africa.

The Original Biltong product includes soft, air-dried strips of quality Aussie steak with more than 40 per cent natural protein.

The newest addition is a departure from Local Legends’ distinctive flavours of jerky, which are typically cut into strips, marinated and then cooked.

Introducing Biltong to the brand was a way to attract new consumers and grow the business, according to national sales manager Michael Langtry.

“Biltong allows us to bring new consumers to the food snacking category, while maintaining the values our brand stands for,” he says.

“We know that traditionally, people either eat jerky or biltong, not both, but we pride ourselves on being able to go against the grain, diversify, and appeal to new consumers.”

Local Legends is also behind a Korean BBQ-flavoured Bulgogi Beef Jerky and Australia’s first Chinese BBQ-flavoured Char Siu Pork Jerky.