• Green's Gold Gaytime Crumb Cake.
    Green's Gold Gaytime Crumb Cake.
  • Green's Golden Gaytime Brownie.
    Green's Golden Gaytime Brownie.
  • Green's Golden Gaytime Mousse.
    Green's Golden Gaytime Mousse.
  • Green's Golden Gaytime Brookie Cookie.
    Green's Golden Gaytime Brookie Cookie.

In a collaboration to take your cake baking to the next level, Green’s and Streets Golden Gaytime have joined forces and released four new biscuit crumbed products.

Incorporating Green’s simple baking recipes and the crunch of the Gaytime crumb, the team has produced Green’s Golden Gaytime Crumb Cake, Brownie, Brookie and Mousse. 

All four products use the distinctive toffee, vanilla and biscuit crumbs that define the Golden Gaytime and are provided with all the ingredients in one box. 

Green’s head of marketing and innovation Peta Allsopp said the new range brings a treat regardless of what sweet type you are. 

“We know that Australians love to bake and treat themselves with iconic nostalgic flavours, so we thought why not combine the two and create the ultimate Green’s Golden Gaytime cake range – proving you actually can have your cake and eat it too,” said Allsopp. 

The deal was brokered by Unilever Australia’s license agency Asembl. Unilever Australia marketing manager Annie Lucchitti said Golden Gaytime is a much-loved product in Australian community. 

“This partnership is the perfect way to ensure Aussies can bring that love into their baking moments! We can’t be more excited to be partnering with Australia’s favourite baking brand, Green’s, to launch the deliciously crunchy Crumb Cake, Brownie, Brookie and Mousse range,” said Lucchitti. 

Lucchitti added the new products are a ‘best of both worlds’ collaboration and will please both Golden Gaytime and baking fans. 

The Green’s Golden Gaytime cake varieties are available in Coles nationally for RRP $6.00 each.

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