Gin distillery Four Pillars has released its first ready-to-drink (RTD) product, the Rare Dry Gin & Tonic. 

Incorporating the distillery’s signature Rare Dry Gin, Four Pillars co-founder and distiller Cam Mackenzie designed the tonic to accompany the clean, spicy, and citrus packed drink. 

By distilling a hyper-concentrated version of the original Rare Dry, which utilised double the amount of the same botanicals and extra organic oranges, Mackenzie was able to maintain alcohol volumes to one standard drink per can without reducing flavour. 

Mackenzie said the ratios of gin and tonic were an important aspect to measure. 

“We had our hyper-concentrated, flavour-packed Rare Dry Gin and we needed a tonic that complemented but didn’t dominate it. So, we made a tonic inspired by a few of our favourites that did just that. 

“Next, we tinkered and toiled and tasted many, many times because we realised that if we were to release a Four Pillars G&T in a can, we wanted it to be the best in the business,” he said. 

The 5.1 per cent ABV drink is best served chilled straight from the can. 

Mackenzie added that the team has brewed it to the best of their ability. 

“Delicious, clean, refreshing and just the right balance of sweet, sour and bitter,” he said. 

The Rare Dry Gin & Tonic is available in liquor stores for RRP $27.99 per four pack

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