New Zealand-based Egmont Honey has expanded into a new range of health and wellness supplements, made from nutritional bee products.

The range includes Royal Jelly and Collagen, Vitamin C and Manuka Honey Chews, and Propolis supplements.

The Royal Jelly and Collagen supplement has 20mg of Royal Jelly in every capsule, which is a natural source of amino acids and vitamins, as well as marine-sourced hydrolused collagen to help boost healthy skin, hair and nails.

After seeing the “strong demand for our Manuka Honey worldwide”, Egmont decided to combine Manuka and Vitamin C in a tasty chewable to “aid immune function, boost antioxidant properties and relieve severity of cold symptoms”.

The Egmont Propolis supplement contains 1000mg of propolis, used by honey bees to protect the health of their hives. “This product is great for customers looking for an easy and natural way to increase their antioxidant intake and support their health, especially during winter,” the company said.

The new range from Egmont Honey is now available in Coles stores for RRP $10.49 for the Vitamin C and Honey Chews, and Propolis supplements, and RRP $15.99 for the Royal Jelly and Collagen supplement.

Packaging News

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