• A dessert pizza has reached the freezer section.
    A dessert pizza has reached the freezer section.

Dr. Oetker Ristorante has launched three new frozen pizza flavours, including a chocolate dessert pizza.

Also just released is the pizza ‘Bianca’ and a Nachos pizza will be available.

The Ristorante Dolce Al Cioccolato (RRP $7.50), which has already launched in Europe, is a chocolate version of Ristorante’s signature thin and crispy crust, topped with chocolate sauce, milk chocolate flakes, and dark and white chocolate chunks.

Consumers can also add fruit and ice-cream to enhance the dish.

The Pizza Bianca Carne e Patata (RRP $7.50) includes crunchy potato chips, smoky ham, red onions and mozzarella cheese on a creamy white sauce made from sour cream.

Meanwhile, there is a third flavour under the brand name of Papa Giuseppi's. The Nachos flavour will launch as part of the Bakehouse Crust range. The limited edition option, to replace the cheeseburger flavour, is topped with spicy pork, kidney beans, sweetcorn, red and green capsicum, corn chips, sour cream, cheese and herbs on a spicy tomato sauce. This range will be available in Woolworths (RRP $7.99).