Coles supermarkets has tapped into the activated charcoal trend with a new line of gourmet brioche buns.

The Coles Finest Charcoal Brioche Burger Buns have been created using a traditional French brioche recipe but with the modern twist of activated charcoal.

The result, according to the supermarket chain, is "a soft, rich, buttery bun with a unique texture and colour".


Coles Bakery general manager Jon Haggett said the buns were created using activated charcoal from coconut husks, and would be popular during barbecue season.

"We’ve been inspired by the rising trend of adding activated charcoal to food to create a visually appealing and unique product," he said. 

Activated charcoal is believed to help whiten teeth; alleviate gas and bloating; and help promote a healthy digestive tract.