Nestle has released three new barista-style coffees under the Nespresso brand.

The limited edition Nespresso Barista coffee range was created after a series of sensory tests to define the exact levels of roasting and ideal coffee grinding techniques.

Nespresso coffee ambassador Mitch Monaghan said the company found that 88 per cent of Australians enjoy their coffee with milk, and Nestle's research reflects the best alchemies between these two ingredients.

Barista Chiaro is a medium-to-dark roasted blend of intensity 5 when black, a coffee that becomes smooth and round when combined with milk.

Barista Scuro is intense, flavourful and full-bodied, best enjoyed when paired with a touch of milk froth.

Barista Corto has been blended to create a coffee with an extra-intense taste, with a thick syrupy texture and a dark marbled crema.

This coffee is a dark-roasted blend with intensity 11. RRP is $9.50 for a sleeve of 10 capsules.