Kellogg’s marketing director Tamara Howe says despite the hype, from a marketing perspective, the Millennial generation is really just another 'cohort'.


Howe has been at Kellogg since 2003, and in that time she has held various international marketing and innovation roles in Australia and in the US.


As cohorts go, however, she concedes that this one is having a major impact on the company's marketing efforts.



"The so-called Millennials are different to other cohorts in the way they consume the media, and their different path to purchase," Howe says.


This is changing the game for Kellogg, and at Food & Drink Business + PKN LIVE: Future Unpacked: Industry Game Changers, she will reveal how the cereal and snack giant is in turn changing its game - brand by brand.


She will reveal how Nutrigrain is embracing inspiring YouTube content to appeal to a new generation of young Aussies, why Special K has partnered with the inaugural AFL Women’s League, and how Pringles turned disappointed fans into advocates.


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