Are you an independent brand owner with growth ambitions, but need some strategy direction?

According to Victoria Tulloch, founder and managing director of Kindred, the smartest brands today are underpinning their growth with a marketing model that breaks away from the smoke and mirrors of the past.

Tulloch will be presenting on this topic at the Breaking Boundaries LIVE one-day conference – presented by Food & Drink Business and PKN Packaging News – on 4 August at Royal Randwick Racecourse in Sydney.


She will outline steps and hacks for launching and growing ambitious independent brands that consider story and provenance to embrace the needs and desires of a current global consumer.

“It involves a series of steps that lead customers from discovering to considering, buying and rebuying brands and products in a way that is authentic, high-value and capable of creating true brand evangelists,” Tulloch says.

Kindred's model makes sense of the myriad marketing options – social media, advertising, PR, events, sponsorships – and creates a funnel that is trackable, measurable and which can be the secret to business success.

And the great news is that it suits brands of any size – but particularly ambitious independent brands led by passionate founders, families and entrepreneurs – because it puts authentic brand storytelling at its core.

At the heart of the model are three things:

  • Brand equity
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer conversion

These are underpinned by frequent, high-value storytelling and content marketing.

“Backing this up is a value proposition that clarifies what it is you’re actually selling, i.e. your core product (it’s not always what you think), the story behind it, plus the role your other products and offers will play in delivering success,” she says.


In her presentation, Tulloch will explain in detail a four-stage sales and marketing plan that unlocks the secret to delivering on your brand and growth ambitions.

She'll also present case studies of brands she has worked with to date, including Archie Rose and her own family wine business Tulloch Wines.

Find out more about Breaking Boundaries LIVE here and book your ticket here.

Find out more about Kindred here.

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