• Alpine Breads FODMAP friendly sourdough breads that have been endorsed by Dr Sue Shepherd.
    Alpine Breads FODMAP friendly sourdough breads that have been endorsed by Dr Sue Shepherd.

Alpine Breads has launched a range of sourdough breads that have been endorsed by Australian FODMAP expert, Dr Sue Shepherd.

Andrew Bertalli, the managing director of Alpine Breads, a fourth generation sourdough bakery in Benalla, Victoria, says it took years to develop its low FODMAP bread.

FODMAPs are a group of naturally occurring sugars found in foods that are not absorbed in the small bowel that have been shown to cause IBS symptoms.

Dr Shepherd, who is based at La Trobe University in Melbourne, said: “It is an enormous coup to find bread that meets the FODMAP Friendly quality specification. The Alpine breads have been extensively tested in a specialised food testing laboratory and we are proud to endorse Alpine Breads to carry the FODMAP Friendly logo.”

“People following the low FODMAP dietary therapy for IBS regularly report they miss breads, which are usually high in FODMAPs. The unique combination of grains and pulses in addition to the traditional sourdough fermentation that Alpine use is a breakthrough for IBS sufferers who love bread.”

Bertalli said his traditional sourdough fermentation process was started by his grandfather before World War II.

“The FODMAP concept has provided the scientific foundation to the principles I felt existed in our breads for some time,” he says.

Bertalli says the breads are for sale in all Coles, Woolworths and about 50 independent supermarkets in Victoria.

He says he is talking to Coles and Woolworths about picking up another 400 to 500 stores in NSW, ACT and SA.

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