Callebaut Australia has launched a new chocolate product with a caramel twist.

The new Callebaut Gold range was crafted in Belgium and has a warm caramel and pale amber colour with a golden hue.

The product is made from ingredients such as sugar and milk that has been caramelised, and in sweet treats creates an intense caramel flavour or a golden glaze, according to its maker.

The product is used by chefs and chocolatiers around the world, including Australian chocolate expert and Callebaut ambassador Kirsten Tibballs, and is available in Australia from F.Mayer Imports.

Callebaut has also introduced a sensory language and tasting ritual for chocolate, inspired by wine, coffee and craft beer categories, that aims to enable brands and artisans to help consumers better appreciate chocolate.

The chocolate sensory language was jointly developed by Barry Callebaut scientists and global flavour company Givaudan.

The pair said they conducted extensive research to develop the sensory language and tasting ritual.

The chocolate sensory language was recently introduced in their new book Hidden Persuaders in Cocoa and Chocolate: A Flavor Lexicon for Cocoa and Chocolate Sensory Professionals.