Egg yolks and pepper: get ready for a new twist on these classics, says McCormick, which launched its Flavour Forecast 2017 in Australia yesterday.


According to the global indgredient company's forecast, egg yolks are being reinvented as an edgy new ingredient, and pepper could soon be finding its way into Australian dessert bowls.


These are just two of the five key trends identified in the Flavour Forecast, which seeks to provide predictions for global flavour and ingredients trends for chefs, retailers, and home cooks.


Here are the five flavour trends which have been compiled by McCormick chefs, culinary professionals, trend trackers and flavour experts for 2017:


Rise & Shine to Global Tastes

Breakfast options with big, global flavours are on the way. Examples include warm, sweet congee or a Middle Eastern-inspired breakfast hash topped with a spicy skhug sauce.


Plancha: Flat-Out Grilling

Hailing from Spain, France’s Basque region as well as Mexico, the plancha (a thick, flat slab of cast iron) is growing in popularity around the world for creating a sizzling, smokey sear and flavour crust. Grillers can use the plancha with meats, seafood and vegetables, paired with bold sauces, rubs and glazes.


Egg Yolks: The Sunny Side of Flavour

Egg yolks are moving beyond breakfast, with chefs pairing them, poached, friend or cured (pictured above), with spices, herbs and sauces on lunch and dinner menus.


Modern Med

We will see Eastern Mediterranean ingredients increasingly paired with Western European classics, such as Persian minestrone, a combination of Persian Ash-e reshteh and Italian minestrone.


Sweet on Pepper

With an up-front bite and lingering sensation, peppercorns' cedar and citrus notes pair well with up-and-coming naturally sweet ingredients like dates (pictured below) and dragon fruit.

Date syrup with pepper



The full Flavour Forecast 2017 report can be found at

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