Fiji’s Ministry of Agriculture has confirmed it will give FJ$1 million (AU$0.62m) in support of the country's ginger industry.

The funds will be used for land preparation, seed and organic farming for the 2018 crop, and planting has already started.

This budget allocation will support both new and existing small-hold farmers and will help strengthen the supply chain.

Farmers have already started to apply for this budget support.

The Ginger People, a vertically integrated ginger supplier based in California, has bought over 40 per cent of Fiji’s fresh ginger production, and president Bruce Leeson said the company was committed to helping build the Fiji ginger industry.


“We partner with farmers in a select number of regions in the world and we consider Fiji our crown jewel,” he said.

Since the 1950s, Fiji has been exporting ginger, and in the 1980s it became the second largest agricultural export after sugar.

To help further promote Fiji ginger, The Ginger People has designed a new line of ginger gifts specifically for the Fijian tourism industry.