• The CHIA drink has already had success in NZ.
    The CHIA drink has already had success in NZ.

A New Zealand-made 'chia super juice' has been launched in Australia as a natural alternative to sports drinks.

Using Australian grown chia seeds and real fruit from New Zealand, 'CHIA' is believed to be the first chia-based beverage released in Australia.

It is 100 per cent natural and free of gluten, refined sugar, and preservatives, according to the company.

Originally designed as an endurance and recovery drink for athletes, CHIA suits athletes, parents, children, professionals and the health conscious.

After noticing a gap in the market for sports drinks that weren’t packed full of sugar, salt and artificial ingredients, neuroscientist turned wellpreneur Chloe Van Dyke wondered why there wasn’t already a product that was made with chia seeds, and started trialing the hydration of chia seeds with different liquids.

“The chia seed is well known for it’s super food qualities when hydrated, and I wanted to bring this to life through the CHIA drinks,” Van Dyke, the founder, said.

When soaked, chia seeds activate, maximising its benefits – offering a feeling of fulness and giving hydration.

Wanting to pursue a career in the health and wellbeing industry, Chloe’s sister Florence joined the CHIA team in 2015 after quitting her corporate job as a solicitor.

As a former triathlete, Florence experienced first hand the benefits the product boasts.

“CHIA fueled me through my training and racing days, and I want others to enjoy what the products can do for your performance," she said.

CHIA is available in five flavours including Blackcurrant, Blueberry, Orange and Passionfruit, Coconut Water and Mango, and Feijoa and Pink Guava.

The bottles are now sold in health food stores and independent grocers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra
for $4.99.

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