A S Harrison & Co’s extensive vegan powder portfolio helps food and beverage producers meet growing consumer demand for plant-based products.

The rising trend of veganism continues, with an increasing number of products being developed for consumers who demand options that are not only animal free but meet food allergy and dietary restrictions.

Plant-based foods remain the key area of innovation with many vegan alternatives becoming more mainstream and organisations looking for vegan alternatives to traditional dairy and meat-based ingredients.

A S Harrison & Co offers an extensive range of vegan powders to meet this market demand for sustainable, clean label ingredients.

It includes vegan meat replacer, vegan oat milk powder, vegan yoghurt powder, vegan sour cream powder, vegan cream cheese powder, vegan cheddar cheese powder, and vegan butter powder.

The company has also recently expanded the range to include vegan chocolate pieces.

The vegan powders have theadded advantage of being formulated to mimic dairy and meat-based flavours.

Ingredients are versatile in application, making them ideal to use in a wide range of applications including beverages, prepared foods, sauces and dips,keto supplements, and weight management. They are cold water soluble, shelf life stable, with halal,kosher, and organic options available.

This article first appeared in the April 2022 edition of Food & Drink Business  

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