Chinese Sichuan brand Haoji has entered Australia with its range of sauces, and is the first market launch for the brand outside of China.

The Haoji range consists of five flavours – Mala Sichuan Sauce, Ginger and Chilli Sauce, Green Pepper Chilli Sauce, Green Pepper Oil and Chicken Bouillon.

“We are proud to launch our quality products to Australian chefs, we hope our products will inspire them to create delicious dishes with our unique Sichuan flavours,” said Haoji executive chef Jian Lyu.

“In China, Sichuan cuisine is the most widely loved Chinese cuisine due to its diverse range of tastes, and we are the preferred brand based on our authentic taste and quality.”

Haoji was established in 1978 and entered a joint venture with with Nestlé in 2001.

"With so many spices and flavour complexities to get right in authentic Sichuan cuisine, the Haoji range offers chefs an easy solution to create winning dishes. The sauces give bright colour that compliments the rich flavours and the high-bonding capability of the sauces ensures a complete, full flavour in every Sichuan inspired dish," said Nestlé Professional Executive Chef Mark Clayton.

The Haoji sauces range is now available from specialist stockists around Australia. 

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