Home-style frozen desserts that can be pulled out of the home oven are on the menu with the new range of convenient Deep Dish cheesecakes, puddings and crumbles from Sara Lee.

Each Deep Dish dessert is sized in larger portions than Sara Lee’s original cheesecakes, puddings and pies.

Responding to consumer need to deliver quick and convenient desserts that mirror the generous portions and delicious flavours of traditional homemade and slow-baked desserts, the Deep Dish range is made with premium ingredients including premium chocolate and golden shortcrust pastry.

“Closest-to-homemade is a new occasion for Sara Lee. As our consumers continue to desire convenient, family-sized desserts with flavours and aromas that take them back to their childhoods, we intend to expand the category,” McCain Foods desserts product manager Alexandra Kevork says.

From Rich Chocolate Ganache Cheesecake, Saucy Double Chocolate Pudding to Sticky Butterscotch, and Apple Pudding and Rustic Apple Crumble Pie, the range is available in the freezer aisle of Coles, Woolworths and Metcash stores nationally for an RRP of $7.99,10 serves.

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