To celebrate a special 90th birthday milestone, Sanitarium has released a limited-edition collection of Weet-Bix birthday boxes.

The commemorative boxes feature 58 of today’s most popular Australian names - from Zoe and Sam, to Ruby and Oliver, and even Mum and Dad.

Much has changed since the first product rolled off the production line in 1928, but Sanitarium executive general manager, Todd Saunders says one thing has remained constant – families want breakfast to be simple.

“It’s what Weet-Bix has championed for the last 90 years – uncomplicated, affordable and tasty nutrition. And it’s why nine decades later, Weet-Bix remains a firm favourite in the breakfast aisle,” Saunders says.

From humble beginnings, millions of Weet-Bix are now manufactured every year at Berkeley Vale in NSW, Marooka in Qld and Carmel in WA. Sanitarium says lining up all the Weet-Bix manufactured in the last year alone would lap around the Australian coastline four times.

Although Weet-Bix is sold in some 22 countries across the world, it is still Australian-owned and made.

The special birthday boxes can be found on supermarket shelves while stocks last.