Nutty Bruce is introducing oat milk to the Australian market, releasing its Roasted Almond & Oat Milk nationally from this month.

Containing only four ingredients – filtered water, whole grain organic oats, roasted organic almonds and a pinch of salt to balance flavours – the Nutty Bruce Roasted Almond & Oat Milk is both organic and vegan, and has a creamier texture than traditional nut milks.

Nutty Bruce was launched three years ago as part of the Soulfresh brand portfolio, and its plant-based milks have provided a range of alternatives for consumers looking to move away from dairy milk.

Soulfresh CEO Didi Lo says: “It is not surprising that the popularity of oat milk is growing so quickly, as more and more people look for plant-milk substitutes that suit their needs.

Oat milk provides a more neutral flavour than some nut milks, as well as a naturally thick and deliciously creamy texture that is great in cereals as well as frothing for coffees. In Australia almond milk is still the number one dairy alternative milk, and also the original of Nutty Bruce milks, so by adding roasted almonds to the oat milk we have been able to create an ideal combination, which has a great nutty flavour.”

Roasted Almond & Oat Milk joins four other plant-based dairy alternatives in the Nutty Bruce range – Activated Almond Milk, Unsweetened Activated Almond Milk, Almond & Coconut Milk and Coconut Milk – and is available in independent supermarkets nationally.

Packaging News

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