Egmont Honey has launched its latest clover honey range under the Waimete Honey Co brand, adding to its existing premium portfolio of manuka and raw honey.

The New Zealand family-owned company is based in the alpine region of the South Taranaki countryside, where its bee farms can be accessed by helicopter.

The release of the Waimete Creamy Clover and Liquid Clover Honeys is part of the company’s expanding business, with now more than 4000 hives, and product exports reaching 20 countries.

“I think the Creamy Clover will be the star of the show, it’s one of the best tasting honeys you will find,” Egmont Honey co-founder James Annabell told Food & Drink Business.

“We’re not allowed to import honey into New Zealand, it’s highly illegal, so you can be sure that any honey coming out of New Zealand is a hundred per cent New Zealand honey produced by New Zealand bees, and honey that is pure.”

The Creamy Clover Honey is rich in flavour and texture with earthy floral tones, while the Liquid Clover Honey has hints of nectar and amber, and is nicknamed ‘liquid gold’ for its ambrosial colour and taste.

The Waimete Clover Honey range will be available in 800 select Woolworths around the country this month, with an RRP $9.50.

Packaging News

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