Fioretto Cauli Blossom is available in Australian stores for the first time this winter, dubbed as the “broccolini of cauliflower”.

The Cauli Blossom was first bred in Japan and is now exclusively grown in Australia by family-owned produce company Perfection Fresh.

“When we first saw Fioretto, we were reminded of Broccolini, which is such a favourite with Australian families. We have a feeling Fioretto will be the same,” Perfection Fresh Australia CEO Michael Simonetta says.

“We’ve done some small trials with customers and they just love the versatility and unique mild flavour of this wonderful new vegetable.”

The vegetable is entirely edible, raw or cooked, and has a sweeter taste than traditional cauliflower.

Victorian grower Anthony Mason was one of the first Fioretto Cauli Blossom growers in Australia, trialling the crop for four years.

“The Fioretto looks like a traditional cauliflower when they begin to grow and then stretch out and elongate,” Mason says.

“We give them a lot of love and care, checking on them daily, so we can pick them just as they begin to flower, which is when they are perfect for eating.

“The Fioretto stems turns bright green when cooked and looks fantastic next to the little white flowers. I’m so excited to now be sharing this delicious new veggie with Australian families.”

Fioretto Cauli Blossom is available exclusively in Woolworths stores across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

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