The Apple Press has crossed the ditch and made its way to Australia. The cold-pressed apple juice brand uses hand-picked fruit and contains no water, preservatives or added sugar.

Sourcing apples from the New Zealand region of Hawke’s Bay, The Apple Press first launched 15 months ago by its founder Ross Beaton.

Beaton came up with the idea as a low waste model to create something from the 13,000 tonnes of ‘cosmetically challenged’ apples, which get rejected each year.

“While not all of the waste apples looked good, they all had that same crisp texture and were bursting with flavour,” said Beaton.

“I wansted to do something meaningful with that fruit – something that meant we weren’t literally wasting great fruit and so The Apple Press juices were born.”

The apple juice comes in three varieties – Jazz, Pink Lady and Envy – and has a sweet to tart metre on the side of every 1.5-litre bottle.

The Apply Press is available at Woolworths for RRP$6.50.

Packaging News

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