Measuring technology supplier Mettler-Toledo worked with a UK supermarket group to boost its meat packaging operations.

The chain, Glass Gardens ShopRite, was looking for help in meeting its meat department objectives, and installed Mettler-Toledo’s 880 Auto Wrappers in four of its stores.

This resulted in more than 1.5 million packages being weighed and wrapped since its installation in May this year.

Glass Gardens ShopRite is a family owned group of supermarkets operating under the Wakefern banner.

Advantages to the chain have included the speed of the wrapper, ergonomic benefits, noise reduction, reduced manpower needs, space savings, a tighter and more professional looking wrap, and less time spent on film roll replacement, clean-up, and repackaging.

“It’s a lot more efficient, and saves a lot of time,” meat department manager Bill Scorzetti said.

“Department associates also marvel at how such a complex machine – which offers layers of advanced functionality – can be so intuitively easy to learn and operate.

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