A new trigger gun for high-pressure cleaners has been released by Karcher.

By putting the trigger on the back of the device, the Easy!Force gun uses the recoil force of the water spray to automatically hold the trigger down, which prevents strain on the user's hands.

The trigger gun design offers a Quick Set-Up feature as well. The reduced complexity in hose connection with only one system allows set-ups that are five times faster than existing systems, according to Karcher. A 360-degree turn provides a fully threaded secure connection.

The gun's valve includes a ceramic ball with ceramic sealing seat that's resistant to any particles liable to cause potential damage. This gives it a lifetime five times longer than trigger guns with a conventional valve.

The trigger gun also features an intuitive safety lock to prevent accidental engagement without compromising its ease-of-use. 
Easy!Force is compatible with all Karcher Professional pressure washers.