Treotham’s modular e-skin energy supply systems provide plants with data, media and energy without unwanted particles contaminating the air. The accuracy of results has earned the product an ISO Class 1 rating for use in cleanrooms.

The igus energy chain range from Treotham were proven by the Fraunhofer Institute IPa, where all four energy chain types – with and without cables – were convincing in tests.

The e-skin energy supply was awarded the Fraunhofer clean manufacturing award Clean!2018, while the e-skin soft is designed for compact installation spaces and short unsupported lengths, and the e-skin flat is for flat inserts.

The Class 1 rating awarded stands for a particle load that should not exceed two particles with a size of ≥ 0.2 μm per cubic metre of air.

All e-skin energy supply systems from igus are made of tribologically optimised high-performance polymers, which are very abrasion-resistant. The "classic" e-skin is an enclosed corrugated tube, which is easily openable and fillable using a zipper system due to a modular structure.

All energy chains are available ready-harnessed with highly flexible chainflex cables from Treotham.

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