The 29th annual Food Taipei international food show is Taiwan’s largest international professional food industry purchasing platform. Last year, it welcomed more than 1000 exhibitors and nearly 2200 booths, and this year it takes place 19-22 June, at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

The exhibition happens in conjunction with four other tradeshows – Foodtech & Pharmatech Taipe, Taipei Pack, Taiwan Horeca and Halal Taiwan – to provide a one-stop shop for potential overseas partners.

This five-in-one expo covers every aspect of food, from fresh and processed products, ingredients and catering, to preserving and packaging.

At Food Taipei, food machinery manufacturers as well as many food and beverage suppliers will be on hand to showcase their equipment and products.

Food-processing machines; fresh and preserved fruits and vegetables; poultry, seafood, meat and processed-meat products; edible oils; dairy products; organic products; vegetarian food; frozen prepared food; canned foods; baked foods; biscuits; wine and liquor; coffee and tea; juice and soft drinks; condiments; confectionery and ice cream will all be present at the show.

The Taiwanese food manufacturing sector will take the opportunity to focus on two definitive trends: the consumer call for healthier food options and on customised products to suit individual customer – or country – needs.

Here's a wrap of just some of the local talent that will be on show at Food Taipei.

A major exhibitor will be I-Mei Foods, a major Taiwanese food company specialising in manufacturing, distributing, exporting and importing food products. The company boasts more than 2000 products, including confectionery, savoury snacks and food gift packs for both the domestic and tourism markets. But in response to consumer demand for healthier products, I-MEI has in recent years shifted its focus to developing healthy foods.

Another exhibitor is Taiwan Semiconductor which established its subsidiary Anyong Biotechnology in 2018. Anyong aims to help customers supply fresh fish, such as Australian barramundi, using its unique freezing technology: Cells Alive System (CAS). CAS is a Japanese technology that uses electromagnetic fields and mechanical vibrations to limit ice-crystal formation that destroys food texture, preserving the quality, freshness and nutritional value of the seafood. The company also uses no additives and no chemicals on the fish.

Also trending in Taiwan are manufacturers who are customising products to suit the individual needs of customers. SunnySyrup is a producer and exporter of bubble tea beverages and products, shaved-ice products, tea leaves and drink powders. Products include tapioca pearls (for bubble tea), ‘Popping Boba’ (balls of juice contained within a skin of seaweed extract), concentrated juices and syrups, and jelly toppings.

ANKO Food Processing Machines is on a quest to supply ethnic-food-making machines across the globe. To date, the company has supplied equipment to 112 countries. ANKO makes multipurpose machines that form, fill, encrust, fold, roll, bake and more. It also makes customised moulds that can accommodate a variety of fillings. So, if you want to make Italian ravioli or tortellini; Chinese dumplings, dim sum, wontons or buns; or Spanish empanadas, ANKO can provide the machinery to do so.

Another company, Tai Yuh Machine Enterprise, established its Best Food & Pastry Machinery Co subsidiary in 2010 to expand into foreign markets and service worldwide demand; the company manufactures machines for puff pastry, croissant and Danish-making; bakery and frozen food equipment; and customisable ethnic-food-making machines. It’s bun-making machine can produce as many as 6000 pieces per hour. Customisation also allows these machines to vary pastry thickness, patterns and cuts.

Similarly, food processing manufacturer Hundred Machinery tailors its machines to its customers with the ability to modify food shapes, filling levels and flavours. Family business Seven Castle’s range of mixers find application in confectionery, food powders, sauces, pastes, and Asian cuisine.

Yuan Chuang, with its range of both machinery and food products, straddles both the health and customisation trends by producing healthier, grain-based snacks with its machines as well as a range of food products targeting the varying stages of child development.

Packaging News

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