Weighing fragile bakery products, brittle foods, or even delicate seafood can often present a challenge for food producers looking to reduce giveaway and improve yield.

The Ishida automated weighing range comprises accurate and precise weighing systems.

Heat and Control, distributors of the range in Australia, said the range can meet specific product characteristic, speed, production yield, and budget requirements.

The range of multihead weighers for fragile products is engineered to achieve these objectives while maximising productivity and meeting demand faster with higher weighing speeds. Made from specialist materials that absorb product momentum, they feature reduced drop distances that control and eliminate product impact.

Accurate performance: Ishida
Accurate performance: Ishida

Heat and Control said the Ishida machines reduce giveaway by using shallow radial feeders that are made with reduced drop distances and waterfall ends that feed into pool hoppers.

Specially designed hopper shapes with shallow angles or curved hoppers can control product flow and minimise collisions while liners and flexible coatings help absorb product impact and reduce the risk of breakage. In the discharge chute a ring shutter controls decent of your product and even prevents products colliding.

Suitable applications for the Ishida automated weighing range include but are not limited to

  • biscuits;
  • fragile cakes;
  • pasta nests;
  • frozen pasta;
  • frozen dumplings;
  • fragile confectionery;
  • frozen fish food processing and packaging systems; and
  • easily bruised fruit and vegetables.

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