The Strahman range of ergonomic water-saving trigger nozzles from Spray Nozzle Engineering have been designed to save water while promoting productivity and safety during general cleaning and washdown in food and beverage production areas.

During general cleaning and washdown in food and beverage production, excess amounts of water can be lost due to incorrectly specified and sized trigger nozzles, and the use of open-hoses or fire-type twist nozzles that are not water efficient, according to Spray Nozzle Engineering.

The Strahman Hydro-Pro 150 low-flow water washdown gun helps to combat water loss by automatically shutting off excess water flow when the lever is released.

Ergonomically designed to reduce user fatigue, Strahman Hydro-Pro 150 washdown guns are constructed with a stainless-steel housing and in spite of the nozzle weighing less than one kilogram, they are strong and durable.

In addition to the heavy-duty performance with lightweight handling, to reduce misdirected spray and operator fatigue, the Hydro-Pro 150 also has a patented locking trigger mechanism that allows users to lock in a desired spray pattern without maintaining pressure on the trigger.

To prevent food contamination due to rubber cover delamination, which can be a problem with cheaper trigger nozzles, the Hydro-Pro 150 has been constructed from stainless steel and also has an outer waterproof nylon cover that resists cracks and abrasions.

Hydro-Pro 150 water-saver spray nozzles are available in varying water stream types to suit every application and fitted with replaceable nylon covers.

Hydro-Pro 150 water-saver spray nozzles are available at

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