The diversity of products made by bakery manufacturers requires specialised and flexible equipment. J.L.Lennard general manager Paul Meischke looks at some of the latest equipment on offer.

The Stephan Combitherm portfolio can process larger batches, up to 4800 litres per hour.
The Stephan Combitherm portfolio can process larger batches, up to 4800 litres per hour.

As one of Australia’s oldest importers, founded in 1879 by Julius Levy, J.L.Lennard began importing equipment in earnest after World War 1. From those early days we were bringing in “high-speed” equipment for the baking, confectionery, and chocolate markets.

With that expertise now ingrained in the business, we carry some of the best brands in the bakery business to help our clients produce the high-quality products that differentiate them in the market.

We now offer the complete ProXES range of food processing equipment, including Stephan Universal batch mixers.

The ProXES range of Stephan equipment is highly versatile. Whether you are making sweet pastry fillings such as fruit compote, creme patissiere and creme anglaise, or savoury pie fillings, stews, curries, sauces and gravies, the Stephan range will process them with ease, and deliver a better texture, finer taste, and improved shelf life.

The batch mixers feature specially shaped working tools in combination with crafted bowl geometry that results in quick mixing of recipe ingredients and reliable product results.

They are ideal for bakery applications where the operator needs a hygienic, efficient, and reliable batch mixing solution.

Stephan Universal batch mixers suit small and medium batches.
Stephan Universal batch mixers suit small and medium batches.

The Stephan Universal range is ideally suited to small and medium batches, with capacity up to 1000 litres per hour. They provide effective cutting and mixing, easy filling and emptying, indirect or direct heading (up to 125C), and high hourly output with short batch times, all within a compact machine that’s easy to operate and clean.

Complementing the Universal range is the Combitherm portfolio, designed for flexible and multifunctional batch processing with capacity up to 4800 litres per hour.

The Combitherm consists of a tilted processing vessel that is equipped with high-speed knives and an additional mixing element in the bottom of the machine. The proven geometry of the knives ensures ideal flow conditions, and the specific vessel design ensures efficient mixing.

Bakers and food processors are already facing a raft of issues brought on by global forces – from supply chain delays through to skilled staff shortages – so the last thing they need is unreliable equipment, or additional downtime for cleaning processes.

These machines are of the highest quality and have easy access for cleaning.

We also provide a complete nation-wide service solution, including break down service and preventative maintenance, delivered by factory trained technicians as well as full spare parts, change parts and consumable parts availability to optimise uptime.

This article first appeared in the June edition of Food & Drink Business magazine.

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