Plants can’t operate without people. We take a look a handful of solutions that help protect the most precious resources on the factory floor.

European industrial impact safety systems company Stommpy has opened its doors in Australia and is already supplying facilities in Queensland and Victoria.

Stommpy makes a broad range of products, including bollards and barriers, to boost passive safety within facilities and reduce the high cost of workplace accidents and infrastructural damage.

The company already supplies facilities across Europe, UK and USA in a number of sectors including food and beverage.

Stommpy’s Australian head, Arthur Seiler, said strong uptake of Stommpy’s bollard and barrier installations in high-hygiene facilities was due to its compliance to hygienic food safety standards and because in the case of fire, the materials used do not emit toxic gases.

Moreover, Stommpy products have been designed to ensure that impacts won’t damage concrete, and to offer an easier repair than alternatives, Seiler said.

“Being a project manager, I always have safety at the forefront of my mind. To be able to provide a solution to the Australian market that is not only superior in technological advancements but that will make a difference to the safety of any facility brings me great pride.”

Food charity FareShare has chosen STOMMPY bollards to be installed at its new facility, the largest charity kitchen in Australia, which officially opened this month.

The facility is being designed and constructed by design build firm Wiley which is providing its services to FareShare at cost.

Recently, Wiley employees volunteered their time to install STOMMPY bollards and safety protection equipment to help keep hundreds of volunteers working onsite safe.


SHOWA, the maker of the world’s first biodegradable single use nitrile glove, has a new addition to its biodegradable hand protection range, the SHOWA 707HVO – a chemical resistant glove engineered with SHOWA’s Eco Best Technology (EBT), in high-visibility orange.

SHOWA translates to “finding a balance between different elements” in Japanese, and in 2012, SHOWA’s research and development reached a major breakthrough with ECO BEST TECHNOLOGY (EBT), resulting in the the world’s first biodegradable single-use nitrile glove.

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Packaging News

Plastic packaging is among the flotsam washing up on East Coast beaches after cargo vessel APL England on Sunday lost 40 shipping containers overboard in heavy weather.

Foodmach has beat deadlines to get surgical mask-making machines designed, built, and running to help boost the Australian supply of this essential piece of PPE.

PacPrint, the four-day show held in conjunction with Visual Impact and the Label & Packaging Expo, will now be held from 28 September through 1 October next year.