SMC is launching the first sensor in its product portfolio to detect the stroke position of air cylinders at all times, with continuous feedback.

The new smart D-MP actuation sensor is available in three types of outputs: analogue signal, IO-Link process data or flexible switching point, and offers consistent and continuous accuracy and control.

The analogue output of the actuator position has a voltage output range of 0 to 10 V and a current output of 4 to 20 mA. All three outputs benefit from four measurement modes within a range of 0mm to 200mm.

The D-MP sensor means that multiple auto-switches can be replaced by one actuator position sensor, reducing the number of components needed.

Being IO-Link compatible, D-MP gives operators access to detailed data and flags up any issues with an internal error warning.

Its 'plug & play' design delivers further cost and labour efficiencies with less hardware required and a reduced risk of programming errors.

The switching point offers normal and reversed outputs and four measurement modes – single point, auto switch, window and two-point with an ON/OFF position function, so that it is possible to define multiple switching points in small spaces.

The D-MP is suitable for a wide range of applications such as measuring various parameters including length and width discrimination or screw-in depth of machined holes.

This component is IP67 certified and can withstand hazardous environments.