Enmin’s elevating spiral conveyors have filled a gap for conveying products and raw materials vertically up to higher levels or conversely, down to near ground level. Enmin managing director Anthony Gallaher explains.

The big attraction for food processing companies with the elevating spiral conveyor is it only requires a minimum footprint. Its ease of cleaning also means it offers virtually maintenance-free operation.

Issues with traditional methods of elevating materials and products are well recognised and this offers Australian made innovation as well as a cost-effective solution.

Vibratory feeding and conveying plays a big role within the food industry so companies can meet industry standards and requirements for hygiene, safety and easy maintenance.  

Restrictions in conveying material up an incline has been overcome by using the powerful acceleration of vibratory motors combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path.

The result is the positive movement of material within the spiral, taking product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge.

The profile of the spiral ensures no spillage during the transportation process and the totally sealed welding procedure prevents raw materials from accumulating in the spiral. The open design permits easy visual inspection and cleaning when changing ingredients and product.

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