Tna has launched a chip sizer that uses vibratory motion to separate large chips from small to maximise packaging efficiencies and speeds.

The tna roflo VMCS 3 can work with potato chips, fruit chips, and other root vegetable chips, among other snacks.

Its unique pan design ensures each chip is sized, sorted, and gently transported along the line for continuous product flow with minimum breakage.

Unlike conventional systems that use rotary motion to separate the chips, the VMCS 3 uses vibratory motion to limit maintenance requirements and gently convey product across a cascading chip-sizing screen, mounted on a shallow conveying pan.

Smaller chips pass through the screen to the lower level, and larger chips will continue on the higher level, each one continuing on separate conveyors towards their designated bagging station.

The removable screen is designed in such a way that it maintains product quality and ensures no product blockages during sizing. Integrated product-divert gates can act as an effective bypass feature when sorting is not required.

The VMCS 3’s interchangeable chip-sizing screens can be customised for various sizes to accommodate a wide range of ratios between small and large chips.

Each screen can be easily removed within just a couple of minutes due to a quick-release mechanism, offering snack manufacturers maximum flexibility over product sizing.

The tna roflo VMCS 3 is available in standard (600mm/24” width) and larger pan sizes (750mm/30” width) and can be integrated with tna’s wide range of flexible conveying solutions.