The new Sacmi high-speed filling line can handle a wide variety of drink and food products, according to the company.

It is part of a range of complete filling solutions offering high productivity, flexibility, and process quality, and has been configured for output rates of up to 72,000 bottles an hour.

Sacmi has capacity to broaden the scope of its filling solutions from beverage-only to any food product.

Sacmi FFS horizontal packaging machines also come in a range of configurations, in aseptic and non-aseptic versions (with output rates from 6000 to 100,000 containers per hour for 10-250ml bottles), including a new smart solution for dairy product packaging.

The packaging machine can also incorporate the Sacmi shrink sleeve applicator, also in a multi-pack configuration.

This gives final products added value, and gives customers new opportunities for individual brand enhancement.

Sacmi’s labelling solutions are particularly significant to the Chinese market, especially the ARENA roll-fed labelling machine, which can produce 48,000 labelled containers per hour.