AMS Instrumentation & Calibration is now distributing new cloud-based calibration certificate generation software which helps users document calibration results.

From Beamex, LOGiCAL software was developed to offer help with the process of preparing a calibration certificate.

Many sites still manually document calibrations using paper and pen, making it an inefficient process that is prone to error, according to the company.

LOGiCAL reads the calibration results from documenting calibrators such as the Beamex MC6 or Beamex MC4, and hence does not store any critical data in the cloud.

LOGiCAL software can read results and convert them into a PDF calibration certificate that you can either store or print.

The calibration certificate can be generated using any device connected to the internet.

The initial use of LOGiCAL will be available from Beamex at no cost while further capabilities will become available as chargeable options.