• Polish turkey specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile efficient production and customer demands using CSB-System's ERP solution.
    Polish turkey specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile efficient production and customer demands using CSB-System's ERP solution.
  • Polish turkey specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile efficient production and customer demands using CSB-System's ERP solution.
    Polish turkey specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile efficient production and customer demands using CSB-System's ERP solution.

This is a sponsored post supplied by CSB-System.

Polish turkey meat specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile the requirements of efficient production and customer demands.

Their means: the ERP solution by CSB-System covering all operational areas.

The result: continued growth of production and export to 23 countries while permanently assuring high quality and low operating cost.

With a strong focus on quality, an unchanging raw material basis, modern production technologies, and qualified staff, Indrol has built a solid brand in its 30-year history.

At the company’s three processing facilities, more than 700 employees process 20,000 turkeys every day. All of this requires efficient management and continuing optimisation of the processes. A challenging task that was accomplished with an all-inclusive ERP system.

“The goal of our project was to rationalise and optimise all processes with the industry-specific software by CSB-System,” reports Paweł Waligórski, co-owner of INDROL Sp. z o.o.

High quality is pivotal

INDROL’s declared goal is to supply its customers with products of excellent quality meeting global food standards such as HACCP, QS, BRC, IFS, QAFP, HALAL, as confirmed by continually updated certificates.

Clearly, quality management at INDROL is a complex process: all raw materials, production processes, and finished products are subject to continuous inspection, from rearing conditions in turkey farming to logistics and final products.

The ERP system as a quality management hub

In other words, IT is imperative. The ERP module for quality management is used across departments. As quality management spans all areas of the business, the quality management system needs to be seamlessly integrated in all other functional areas.

With this concept, quality-related information from all business divisions can be recorded, evaluated, and analysed online in a single system. All quantitative and qualitative data is captured by mobile terminals right at their source. In an analysis of the current situation, all information and control points along the process chain were identified, in all parts of the company, from procurement and slaughter to inventory, production, and sales.

The data brought together in this “network” of information and control points is a central source of information for all key processes in the operation. It enables continuous monitoring and optimisation of the processes, provides the basis for the analysis of key performance indicators, and guarantees end-to-end traceability. This data analysis is an important tool for INDROL to reduce the operating costs. The system from CSB also supports the implementation of national and international standards to enable comprehensive quality management in line with DIN/EN/ISO 9000 and further certifications.

Purchasing and slaughter well in hand

The CSB-System also supports INDROL with its basic processes in the procurement and slaughter areas, including slaughter planning, diagnoses, grading, statements, and slaughter data evaluation. After receipt of the animals at the slaughterhouse, quality tests are performed. Every lot is described and assessed in detail. Dead animals are also counted and included in the overall valuation of the delivery.

Polish turkey specialist INDROL Sp. z o. o. utilises data analysis and process transparency to reconcile efficient production and customer demands using CSB-System's ERP solution.

During slaughter, measuring devices capture slaughter process parameters for every delivery and at specific times. This data is immediately made available in the system so that key performance indicators can be analysed and used for the purposes of supplier assessment or inspection of the stunning and scalding parameters or the temperature of chilled carcasses. 

Purchasing statements are based on relevant price tables as well as on defined weight parameters (yields) and quality parameters (valuation). These parameters affect the calculation of the purchasing prices and, consequently, the payment of the suppliers. For example, the system can automatically generate additions (bonuses) or reductions of the basic price.

Internal inspections and defined quality parameters provide a foundation for establishing internal supplier rankings. The following criteria are considered: test records from poultry farms, poultry breeds, feed, animal welfare, timeliness of the deliveries, yields, delivery notes, etc.   

Well-planned processing translates into profit

Smooth operational processes in cutting constitute a significant factor in profit margins. At INDROL, cutting is performed in accordance with the lots supplied (that is, divided by suppliers). Between the single deliveries, a break is taken during which the yields for every lot are calculated. The production manager can track the progress in cutting online and compare the planned quantities with the actual quantities of every cutting order.

Touchscreen panels with customised user interfaces installed at the cutting exit help to speed up the processes in this area. This allows the production manager to check every day if the production staff can start working their shift, and if appropriate tools like knives and accessories, cut-resistant gloves, cleaning and disinfection logs are available.

Transparency on all production levels

The CSB-System delivers all essential information on sales, turnover, margins, and sales channels. The sales staff can access data from business areas like slaughter, cutting, production, inventory, coverage planning stocks, financial accounting, and time management. Management can effectively control the sales processes and respond quickly to the needs of the customers.

The CSB production modules portray the production processes in a transparent and easy to follow manner. All bills of materials and manufacturing procedures have been optimally adapted to the production planning and control systems as they play an important role in the decision-making process.

“We are Poland’s most advanced producer of turkey meat,” emphasizes Paweł Waligórski, co-owner of INDROL Sp. z o.o.

Safe and fast to the customers

Shipping is based on the existing (sometimes changed) and released orders and/or is performed directly in picking (WPL station) without the previously entered purchase order.

By scanning the pallet or product labels, the system captures the actual quantities and simultaneously checks all order parameters: date and time, route, carrier, distributors and sales reps, external orders, promotional campaigns, carrier texts, address notes, different ship-to addresses, origin data of an assortment (lot number), etc. Just like in slaughter and cutting, measurements are performed in order picking to control specific quality parameters, such as temperature, package integrity, correct identification and labeling.

On introduction of the system, the Route Management module was implemented. It enables the planning of routes in accordance with several parameters, for example, collection routes, driver or vehicle, documents, and logistics companies.

Route planning is based on information regarding weekday, route sequence, recipients, loading sequence, and order-related route setup. In Shipping, the balances of the reusable packaging items are updated for each address. Additionally, the quantity and the type of the containers removed from stock is captured. The delivery note shows the current container balance. The containers could also be part of a deposit scheme. The recorded balances contain details on the type of the route, the driver, the ship-to address, and the address of the head office.

Introduction was a great success

Within five months of introduction, INDROL has benefited from the CSB solution.

“The CSB-System has improved the communication in our company by enabling an information flow across all departments. The system supports us with production scheduling, ensures traceability of the stock on hand, keeps the production costs in check, and it controls, analyses, and monitors all quality control processes in real time. The overview of the entire company and the evaluation of business processes result in better decisions at management level, which ultimately increases the competitiveness of our business,” as Paweł Waligórski, co-owner of INDROL Sp. z o.o., sums it up.

Top customer benefits:

  • control and planning of the entire production and logistics chain with end-to-end traceability;
  • paperless processing of long-term contracts with livestock farmers;
  • rearing monitoring: amount and sex, diseases, exact dates for delivery to the slaughterhouse;
  • identification and payment of deliveries on an exact supplier and vehicle basis;
  • integrated entry of slaughter parameters at the killing line;
  • lot-based raw material inventory and reduction control;
  • cutting planning per shift and line;
  • piecework pay and yield statement per lot and per employee;
  • production bills of materials with cost calculation per processing level;
  • customer-specific labeling and picking in a single step (Bizerba, Delford);
  • quality control along the production chain by using mobile devices;
  • efficient and reliable certification: BRC, IFS, QAFP, HALAL, QS;
  • route management and planning, vehicle weight control and labeling of transport units (SSCC); and
  • electronic data exchange with business partners and authorities.


  • established in 1991
  • 3 production facilities
  • more 700 employees
  • rearing, slaughter (approx. 20,000 turkeys per day), and meat processing under one roof
  • sales: over 200 tons per day
  • product range: turkey cuts, meat products, IQF products, prepacked products
  • certified according to QS, BRC, IFS, QAFP, HALAL standards
  • export to 23 countries 
  • www.indrol.pl

This is a sponsored post supplied by CSB-System. For further CSB-System case studies visit its websiteYouTube, or LinkedIn 

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