UK-based company KM Packaging has brought a new, resource-efficient, reduced-plastic packaging solution to the Australian food and drink market.

The leading-edge Peel range of advanced lidding film solutions offers high-performance 'seal and peal' solutions for pressed board and renewable pulp trays.

When combined with a renewable resource tray with Peel lids, KM Packaging says it is giving manufacturers 'an economical first step in plastic reduction'.

“Testing has shown that fresh fruit producers could achieve a plastic reduction of 95 per cent by moving to a pulp or pressed board tray sealed with Peel lidding film, a fantastic achievement for any customer looking to dramatically reduce their plastic usage,” KM Packaging managing director Charles Smithson says.

"The range’s high-level transparency and clarity create outstanding shelf appeal for fresh produce punnets,” Smithson says.

The versatile Peel lidding film range is suitable for a wide range of needs including ambient, chilled, frozen and dual ovenable applications.

Anti-fog is available for chilled packs and the range can be printed to give products standout on-shelf presence.

The Peel range is suitable for printing, perforation and lamination and is available in a range of thicknesses from 16-40 microns.

Mono-PET solutions are also available, offering recyclable solutions, where local collections permit.

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