Flowcrete Australia has a range of fit-for-purpose and trowel-applied polyurethane (PU) resin coatings for flooring within intensive food and beverage plants.

While a PU resin system will initially cost more than an epoxy, the lifespan of the polyurethane system is roughly double, according to the company.

This durability stems from the increased wear, abrasion, and impact resistance properties of a thicker PU system.

Physical impacts, point loading, and traffic from equipment can eat into the floor finish, and if the coating is too thin this could result in hard-to-clean cracks appearing in the finish.

Polyurethanes resist corrosion, inorganic alkalis, organic alkalis, and solvents, as well as offering heat, cold, and thermal shock tolerance.

This is an advantage in facilities where extreme temperature changes occur, such as when a room is steam cleaned, or hot oven doors are opened.