• Versatile Wefapress Flex 77 from Cut To Size Plastics is formulated for high temperature applications.
    Versatile Wefapress Flex 77 from Cut To Size Plastics is formulated for high temperature applications.

A new fast-flowing, bulk handling liner from Wefapress excels in high-temperature applications involving food and beverage production.

The low-friction, hygienic, FDA-approved Wefapress Flex 77 UHMWPE material plastic liner is being introduced to Australia by Cut to Size Plastics.

It features a cross-linked formulation to withstand temperatures of >100 deg C for long periods, while ensuring increased impact resistance and outstanding sliding properties.

The Flex 77’s low-friction qualities are said to reduce product wastage and processing times, but also enhance energy conservation and good OH&S practices by helping to prevent clogging, blockages, breakdowns and uneven flow and load.

“Flex 77 is one of Wefapress’ globally proven Flex Cover ranges of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylenes (UHMWPE) that have been chemically modified to make this tough, light material particularly suitable for high-temperature applications,” Cut To Size Plastics managing director Laurie Green said.

The Wefapress Flex Cover range is reported to be eight times lighter than comparable steel liners used to curtail friction, wear and material flow challenges in diverse applications requiring no moisture absorption, outstanding chemical resistance and corrosion prevention.

Cut To Size Plastics are trained in uses of Flex Cover ranges in bulk handling and liner applications and draw on the company's engineering plastics experience of more than 40 years to advise which product is best for particular applications.

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