Heat & Control’s nut snack line offers solutions for manufacturers to use nuts in a variety of ways, using different flavours, recipes, coatings and blends as well as cooking techniques. This article was first published in Food & Drink Business September/October 2020.

The high nutritional value of nuts makes them increasingly popular in the better-for-you snack market. They also offer processors great versatility to create a differentiated, premium product through seasoning and coating.

Roasting and frying

Roasting nuts can enhance flavour and increase shelf life. Innovations in these conventional methods have reduced the risk of under-cooking or burning.

Heat & Control’s HeatWave Fryer and Oil Roaster ranges use a breakthrough design, which roasts nuts through curtains of clean filtered oil. Oil passes over the product and through the conveyor, immediately removing fines. The consistent oil flow and wiping action also reduces oil usage and provides a clean operating system.

Dry roasting

The Rotary Drum Roaster (RDR) is the latest product offering from Spray Dynamics and gives operators complete control to dry or to roast in a continuous, gentle, and sanitary manner. The RDR provides high volume convective airflow combined with gentle rotary motion that ensures all product is uniformly treated with heated air.

Operators have full control over the roasting or drying process variables, enhancing the finished products’ colour, flavour, and texture.

Seasoning and coating

The Spray Dynamics range offers a variety of coating systems that apply a consistent, uniform application of both liquid and dry seasonings. They offer accurately metered and sprayed liquids and precisely measured dry powders, which provide reliable and even seasoning coverage. 

Packaging News

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