A new type of foam spray gun has eliminated the need for compressed air.

Using a foaming head that’s shaped like a duck’s bill, the Lightweight Foam Gun from Tecpro Australia aspirates the antiseptic and water mix within the unit.

The foam is produced using holes along the sides and back of the nozzle which create a built-in air induction system. The foaming nozzle can be removed for rinsing and simple hose down.

In addition to removing the need for compressed air, this Foam Gun is lightweight and durable.

It weighs 660 grams with stainless steel spring, axel and control lever. The fixed rubber grip is made from EPDM rubber to minimise heat transfer and is suitable for temperatures up to 50°.

The Foam Gun works well in environments with low water pressure, but can handle up to 12 bar (170psi).