The new Solus One Salmonella screening kits distributed by Key Diagnostics offer laboratories a single enrichment step method to screen samples for Salmonella spp in just 24 hours.


The 'next day detection' range features improved sensitivity at a low cost per test for use in environmental and selected food products.


Solus One is the latest addition to the Solus Scientific pathogen system range comprising of specifically designed immunoassay kits, dedicated selective enrichment media and automated liquid handling.


Solus One Salmonella screening kits utilise next generation ELISA plate technology that increases available antigen binding sites, allowing reduced enrichment times and improved sensitivity.


Solus has partnered with Dynex DS2 to provide a fully automated testing solution, providing high throughput and significantly reducing hands-on time for technicians.


A barcoding system provides full traceability of each sample, reducing the possibility of human error.