Vibratory equipment company Enmin has launched a range of Australian-made Elevating Spiral Conveyors.

The new product range fills a gap in the Australian market that was previously fulfilled by offshore imports, according to the company.

It conveys products and raw materials vertically to higher levels, or conversely, down to near ground level. It can handle a wide range of tonnages and large array of dry materials, ingredients and products.

The traditional limitations with conveying material up an incline has been overcome through the acceleration of powerful vibratory motors combined with a specially engineered spiral flight path. The result is the positive movement of material within the spiral, taking product from the in-feed point to the elevated discharge.

Its small footprint makes it ideal where floor space is a premium, and its ease-of-cleaning along with virtually maintenance-free operation ensures the range suits a large variety of food production environments.

The profile of the spiral ensures no spillage during the transportation process, and the open design allows for easy visual inspection, cleaning and changing of ingredients and product.