FOSS's FoodScan 2 is a near-infrared (NIR) analyser offering process and quality control options to meet time-critical testing requirements.

Building on FoodScan technology, the FoodScan 2 uses rapid NIR analytical technology to give a time-to-result as low as just 15-25 seconds – about 50 per cent faster than the first FoodScan, according to the company.

The FoodScan 2 also provides more parameters for labelling and quality control of dairy products and meat.

Sub-scans are made simultaneously to ensure a large share of the sample is measured in a short time. This reduces dependency on the sample homogenisation step.

Quality controllers can also perform a colour measurement simultaneously with compositional tests, which offers a time-saving alternative to separate colour measurement equipment or subjective assessment by eye with visual charts. Both NIR transmission and transflectance technology is used in the one unit.

Further time-savings are offered by the artificial neural network (ANN) calibrations. The calibration models avoid the burden of maintaining many calibration models because fewer are required than with other methods.

Instrument standardisation makes it faster to install new units, while networking facilities save costs on routine maintenance and reporting via new remote support services such as FossAssure, the company says.

FoodScan 2 models include a Lab TS for laboratory operation, a Pro model for use in the production environment, and Lab model with a keyboard for users not requiring the touchscreen interface.