Lilac-coloured taps and hoses can be found wherever recycled water is used, but there hasn’t been a hose reel to match until now.

Tecpro Australia recently produced hose reels to match a Victoria water treatment plant’s recycled water hoses, and is offering to do the same for others.

Tecpro says there are hundreds of different configurations for hose reels including manual rewind, motor driven, slow retractable and food-grade speciality reels, all in various styles to suit different hose sizes, lengths and pressures.

Tecpro Australia can produce a customised solution such as the lilac-coloured hose reels for the water treatment plant or multi-coloured reels to match corporate colours.

Tecpro Australia provides technical solutions for a range of industrial applications, including spray nozzles, tank cleaning equipment, ergonomic guns, stainless steel hose reels, odour control systems, fogging nozzles and fog makers for dust suppression and evaporative cooling.