A 3D print material developed by motion plastics company Igus has been approved for food contact, according to EU regulation 10/2011.

This means customers can now print custom-made parts which have been approved for direct contact with food or cosmetics in moving applications.

The material is lubrication-free and maintenance-free, and can be used even on 3D printers that do not have a heated printing plate.

Called the Iglidur I150 Tribo-Filament, the material can be processed on any 3D printer where the nozzle temperature can be set to 250°C.

Since the high-performance plastic has a very low shrinkage, it can also be processed on 3D printers that don't have a heated printing plate. In this case, the Igus adhesive film is recommended as the base for the print bed in order to ensure good adhesion.

Iglidur I150 is considered versatile, tough, and easy to work with. The material has a high wear resistance at surface speeds of up to 0.2 m/s, and shows a higher abrasion resistance compared to classic 3D printing materials.