• With the Low Pressure Turbo 150, BOGE sets new standards in the low pressure sector. Image: BOGE KOMPRESSOREN
    With the Low Pressure Turbo 150, BOGE sets new standards in the low pressure sector. Image: BOGE KOMPRESSOREN

BOGE’s latest Pressure Turbo 150 (LPT) maintains consistently low operating costs in the low pressure network. With a compact design, quiet operation, and 100 per cent oil-free compressed air, the compressor is particularly suitable for sensitive applications.

Whether in combination with oxygen generators for fish farms, for cooling or blowing away swarf in metal production, during glass production or water treatment – numerous industries require oil-free compressed air up to 4 bar. With the LPT 150, BOGE sets new standards when it comes to efficiency.

Every component has been optimised for its purpose. The ideal technical co-ordination of permanent magnet motor, air-cushioned drive and two-stage compressor system ensures a high level of efficiency. A frequency converter adapts the compressor to the compressed air requirement accordingly. The smart focus 2.0 control optimises energy consumption and load. The entire compression process works without the need for oil. Thanks to the air-cushioned motor shaft and entirely dispensing with lubrication, BOGE guarantees class 0 oil-free compressed air with the LPT 150.

The technology is particularly low-wear and low-maintenance because neither the gears nor the oil or filters need to be replaced. With its compact design, the LPT 150 requires less space than comparable screw compressors. Additionally, with a sound pressure level of up to 73 dB(A), it is quieter than other oil-free screw compressor versions.

Heat recovery and special service

Users have the option to purchase the LPT 150 with heat recovery, thus saving up to 80 per cent energy. Heat from the compressed air process is emitted via coolers to the process water which can be heated up to 90 °C. This water is then available for further use and does not need to be heated by external energy sources. In this way, users not only benefit from an economic advantage but also reduce their CO2 footprint. Sustainability is a priority in BOGE’s service concept, too.

Maintenance and consumable parts are checked and, if required, replaced during the entire operating life of five years. Using remote monitoring, all operating parameters can be visualised. If a separate “no hassle” guarantee contract is signed, all costs will be covered in the event of a failure. The contracts can be extended by five years after a term of five years. This results in system operators benefiting from increased planning reliability.

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