A lean production line can give food operators the efficiency they need to be in control and produce quality snack foods.

From fries and onion rings, to nuggets and fish sticks, preparing a variety of snacks can often use a number of fryers, each with different cooking requirements.

Food operators are looking for ways to keep production lines lean and to be in control of oil volumes, temperature and speed when cooking such snacks, as well as lowering costs, boosting productivity and increasing yield.

The Mastermatic Compact Fryers from Heat and Control are allowing food processors to cook a wide range of products on the same line.

The fryers have a low oil volume to provide fast oil turnover for fresher products, as well as direct-heating without hot spots to promote product quality.

Food operators can also control temperature and conveyor speed to simultaneously cook prepared foods and snacks, such as pellets, tortilla chips and fried noodles.

With a large frying area requiring only little floor space, the Mastermatic fryers are self-contained and available as an electrically heated, countertop size – Model 450 – or as a larger free-standing model – Model 700 – which can meet busy food service demands.

The efficiency of production lines with such technologies can give food processors the ability to add value to not only the products, but to the business as well.

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